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Showing 49 - 66 of 66 products
Siemens Ultrasound System Acuson S2000 [Refurbished]Siemens Ultrasound System Acuson S2000 [Refurbished]
Siemens VFX9-4 [Refurbished]
Siemens VFX9-4 [Refurbished]
Sale price$670.00
Site Rite Bard Vascular IV Ultrasound [Refurbished]Site Rite Bard Vascular IV Ultrasound [Refurbished]
Toshiba 10C3 Probe [Refurbished]Toshiba 10C3 Probe [Refurbished]
Toshiba 10C3 Probe [Refurbished]
Sale price$1,750.00
Toshiba 11L4 Probe [Refurbished]Toshiba 11L4 Probe [Refurbished]
Toshiba 11L4 Probe [Refurbished]
Sale price$1,950.00
Toshiba 14L7 Probe [Refurbished]Toshiba 14L7 Probe [Refurbished]
Toshiba 14L7 Probe [Refurbished]
Sale price$1,950.00
Toshiba 18L7 Probe [Refurbished]Toshiba 18L7 Probe [Refurbished]
Toshiba 18L7 Probe [Refurbished]
Sale price$1,950.00
Toshiba 6C1 Transducer [Refurbished]Toshiba 6C1 Transducer [Refurbished]
Toshiba 9C3 Probe [Refurbished]Toshiba 9C3 Probe [Refurbished]
Toshiba 9C3 Probe [Refurbished]
Sale price$1,950.00
Toshiba APLIO XG (SSA-790A) [Refurbished]Toshiba APLIO XG (SSA-790A) [Refurbished]
Toshiba PLT-1204BT-18L7 Transducer [Refurbished]Toshiba PLT-1204BT-18L7 Transducer [Refurbished]
Toshiba PLT-704SBT-11L4 Transducer [Refurbished]Toshiba PLT-704SBT-11L4 Transducer [Refurbished]
Toshiba PST-25BT-5S1 Transducer [Refurbished]Toshiba PST-25BT-5S1 Transducer [Refurbished]
Toshiba PVT-674BT-10C3 Transducer [Refurbished]Toshiba PVT-674BT-10C3 Transducer [Refurbished]

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