Alaris IVAC PCAM [Refurbished]

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The Alaris IVAC PCAM syringe pump is designed to improve acute postoperative pain management, providing the clinician with instant and detailed bedside information about the patient’s use of the pump. It can also deliver a continuous background dose facility and the PCA dose. The security in the pump is provided by a programming key that can be removed, a clinician override button and a lockable cover over the syringe.


  • Brand: Alaris
  • Model: IVAC PCAM
  • Category: Infusion Pump
  • Dimension:  400 W x 115 H x 180 D (mm)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Reference Number: 1000LB01546
  • Comprehensive display.
  • Adjustable alarm levels


  • Robust and Secure Cover - Solid polycarbonate cover provides a clear view of the syringe while preventing unauthorized access to it and its content.
  • Large Illuminated Display - The full-text graphic indicates the PCA protocol in use and provides a visual analysis of the patient’s treatment and information on any possible alarms. The illumination automatically dims to prevent disturbing the patient at night.
  • Clinician Over-Ride - An entry code-protected facility allows the clinician to administer an additional PCA dose at any time, including during the standard lock-out period. The PCA dose and the duration it is to be administered can be programmed.
  • History button -  Comprehensive patient history showing the PCA demand pattern. The use of drugs and individual events can be displayed at any time. Patient history is automatically maintained when the system is switched off, and all demands, alarms and unique events are recorded against time.
  • Printer, computer and nurse call connectors - The integral serial interface allows the infusion system to be connected to a printer, computer or peripheral device such as a central monitoring system, nurse call network etc.

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