B. Braun Space Station [Refurbished]

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SpaceStation shields the pumps against magnetic fields and thereby ensures interference-free images. Now, when Space infusion pumps are used, special treatments like TCI can be given during MRI examinations.


  • Brand: B. Braun
  • Category: Infusion Pump
  • Weight: 50 kg without pumps
  • REF: 8713140
  • Dimensions: 375 mm x 450 mm x 311 mm without trolley (HxWxD)

Performance data

  • Shielded aluminum housing (RAL 9002)
  • Can be used with up to four Space infusion pumps Perfusor or Infusomat
  • SpaceStation MRI can be battery-operated for up to 6 hours
  • The trolley can be extended for assembly with an MRI-compatible patient monitor
  • Continually monitors magnetic field strength
  • Triggers an optical and acoustic alarm when the maximum allowable magnetic field strength is exceeded


  • Very low added investment required
  • No unnecessary or time consuming upgrading to special infusion pumps
  • Standard infusion lines can be used
  • Safe operation thanks to the integrated "navigation assistant" TeslaSpy®

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