Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Second-Hand Autoclave For Sale

Buying a second-hand autoclave can be a wise investment, especially if you're a small laboratory or an advanced biotech startup with limited funds. While purchasing a used autoclave is less expensive than buying a new one, choosing the right one should always be a priority.

It's critical, for example, to guarantee that the autoclave has undergone the same stringent safety testing and inspection procedures as a new steriliser. In addition to safety, there are several other aspects to consider. Below are some of the most critical questions to ask your dealer before investing in a second-hand lab autoclave.

You Should be Aware of the Seller's Identity

If you're looking at an online site, it's pre-emptive to identify the seller. If the seller fixes or refurbishes autoclaves, they should include a guarantee or warranty with the equipment.

Walk away if the vendor is a dealer or a repair shop and does not guarantee the device you're looking at or if they say they have no idea what's wrong with it. The chances are it's garbage, and at best, it'll suffice as a spare part.

Are the Second-Hand Autoclaves Subjected to Hydrostatic Testing?

Make sure the autoclave's chamber has undergone hydrostatic testing, which entails filling it with water and pressurising it to many times the typical operating pressure according to ASME rules. This procedure, also known as a "hydro test," is critical for ensuring the chamber welds' integrity.

Check for an ASME nameplate and a national board number on the chamber. This nameplate may be missing from older chambers, and they should not be "reused" in the field. Installing an autoclave without required ASME certifications and paperwork is unlawful worldwide.

Is the Control System on Your second-hand Autoclave New?

The control system is critical to the proper operation of your steriliser and should be in good operating order. Ensure to inquire about the control system on the second-hand autoclave for sale. If it doesn't, see if the old control system has widely available and inexpensive replacement parts. A new control system for your refurbished autoclave is highly suggested.

Ensure That the Parts of the Used Autoclave is Still Available

It's wise to double-check that the equipment you're considering has parts accessible. Autoclaves are mechanical animals, and they will occasionally malfunction. Your autoclave will be unrepairable if parts are unavailable when needed and will have to be replaced if problems arise.

Check to See if the Vessel Was Heat-Treated Throughout the Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing process, some autoclaves require heat treatment. This is dependent on the vessel's intended use. The information you need can be found in the vital Manufacturer's Data Report. The information on the nameplate will also provide you with an answer. If the initials "ST" or "HT" appear on the autoclave, it has been heat-treated.

Now that you know the benefits, we are sure you will easily be able to decide for yourself. If you are all in for it and want to purchase it immediately, visit us today! You will find the best quality second-hand autoclaves today.