Mobile X-Ray Units and Aspects to Consider While Buying them

There are many things to consider before buying a mobile x-ray machine. It is an essential piece of equipment for Urgent Care Centers and medical facilities. It is a well-known fact that x-rays are among the oldest and most commonly used forms of medical equipment used for imaging. Hence, it becomes crucial to research all aspects of x-ray machines to find the best fit for your facility.

Types of X-Ray Machines

There are three significant types of x-ray machines found in the medical compounds.

  • Fixed X-Ray Machines

These are built into the room and need transformers of similar size and output to work accurately. These have unique electrical connections to the main electricity supply of the building.

  • Portable X-ray Machines

These have been a handy tool for diagnosing and monitoring patients in ICUs, prisons and nursing homes where an individual radiology department cannot be set up. This equipment is best suited for low-budget or budding ventures with little space to house fixed machines. These are much smaller in size and weigh much less, and there are no unique construction needs to set this up. 

  • Mobile X-Ray Machines

These are one of the latest developments in digital radiography. Mobile x-ray equipment allows owners of it to take it to the rest of the medical facility. This provides a solution for patients who cannot travel to the x-ray machines and have trouble transporting themselves. These machines have a higher output than portable machines though the image quality outside the chest area may be limited. These also require larger transformers like fixed machines and are mounted on wheels.

Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Mobile X-Ray Unit

  1. Visibility and Ease of Transportation

These need to be moved from one room to another, so they must be effortless and convenient. They should not block the radiologist's view while maneuvering the equipment. As health care facilities can be tight spaces to operate, the easier it is for the technician to move, the lesser strain it will cost.

  1. Imaging Speed and Preview

Speed is a crucial element in a time of emergency. The processing speed is of utmost importance when working in areas such as ER or ICU. The mobility provides versatility to the system, and speedy image processing allows technicians and physicians to analyze the damage quickly and send it over to the radiologist.

  1. Readability and Error-Free Interpretation

A mobile x-ray system needs to be usable and efficient at all times. Downtimes cannot be afforded, and in case it does break down, the administrators need to be able to identify and fix it in a short duration. Similarly, the system's installation needs to be quick, and the equipment should allow the user to learn the technology in a short time.

Before making the purchase, make sure to check your state's licensing and regulatory requirements. If you want only the best mobile x-ray machines for your facility, visit our website and choose the one that best meets your needs.