Verathon Glidescope Monitor with AVL 3-4 Baton Camera Blade 0570-0307 [Refurbished]

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Current Model Glidescope 10 with AVL 3-4 Baton Camera Blade.


  • Brand: Verathon
  • Model: Glidescope Core 10
  • Category: Endoscopy Equipment
  • Camera Blade: AVL 3-4 Baton REF-0570-0307


  • Dual View - First airway visualisation system to deliver simultaneous video laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy for difficult airway management
  • High-Quality Visualisation - Bright, crisp image quality with a 10” HD monitor – empowering you and your team to see what matters
  • Streamlined Workflow - Experience easy set-up and clear line of sight with an articulating arm, and quick turnaround between cases
  • Extensive Portfolio of Tools - Quick access to tools for a variety of patients during airway management and bronchoscopy procedures

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