Covidien Ligasure LF2019 Exact Dissector Handpiece [New]

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Built on reliable LigaSure technology, our newest surgical advancement offers faster cooling times, superior access, and more precise dissection.


  • Brand: Covidien
  • Condition: New
  • Category: Electrosurgical Equipment
  • Model: LF2019
  • Jaw Tip Curvature: 40°
  • Jaw Length: 21.6mm
  • Cut Length: 19.8mm
  • Seal Length: 20.6mm
  • Jaw Width at Tip: 2mm
  • Jaw Width at Base: 4mm
  • Instrument Length: 21cm
  • Product: Ligasure handpiece
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Emergency Medicine, Veterinary Medicine
  • UPC: Does not apply


Our new LigaSure exact dissector makes cutting and sealing simple.

Low-temperature profile

The LigaSure exact dissector is designed to:

  • Cool down fast for secure and atraumatic tissue grasping
  • Stay cool over multiple activations

Precise performance

The fine, curved jaw of the LigaSure exact dissector:

  • Allows for precision around critical structures
  • Enhances the ability to work in tight spaces
  • Maximizes the line of sight

Its jaw applies equal force on opposing tissue planes for effective blunt dissection.

Balanced handling

Engineered for fine dissection, the LigaSure exact dissector offers:

  • A working length that’s optimized to provide precise control
  • A cutting trigger that’s aligned with the handle, eliminating interference with the wound edge

Improved efficiency

The fast cooling times of the LigaSure exact dissector mean:

  • Fewer instrument exchanges
  • More efficient procedures in the OR

All are delivered with the speed and reliability of LigaSure vessel sealing technology.

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