ValleyLab Force 2 [Refurbished]

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The Valleylab Force 2 electrosurgical unit is a long-standing workhorse and provides cutting and coagulation in monopolar or bipolar outputs. The generator has audible and visual alarms, including REM Fault Indicator. The REM™ (Return Electrode Monitoring) is standard. 300 watts is available for output in the cut setting. A monopolar foot switch is included, a bipolar foot switch is optional as is a rolling cart. Refurbished units are available from Avante Health Solutions.

ValleyLab Force 2 Specifications:

  • Brand Valleylab
  • Model: Force 2
  • Category: Electrosurgical Equipment
  • Power 300 watts
  • Weight 23 lbs (10.4 kg)
  • Dimensions 8'' H x 13'' W x 21'' L (24.0 x 33 x 53 cm)

Output Waveforms

  • Cut: 510 kHz sinusoid
  • Blend 1: 510 kHz sinusoidal bursts at 50% duty cycle recurring at 31 kHz
  • Blend 2: 510 kHz sinusoidal bursts at 37.5% duty cycle recurring at 31 kHz
  • Blend 3: 510 kHz sinusoidal bursts at 25% duty cycle recurring at 31 kHz
  • Coag: 510 kHz damped sinusoidal bursts with a repetition frequency of 31 kHz Low Voltage 510 kHz sinusoidal bursts at 25%
  • Coag: duty cycle recurring at 31 kHz
  • Bipolar: 510 kHz sinusoid Output power changes by less than 5% or 5 watts, whichever is greater, as the line voltage varies from 85-135 volts (into a 300 ohm load).
  • Low Voltage Coag: 500 kHz bursts of sinusoid at 25% duty cycle recurring at 31 kHz

Input Power Source

  • Max.Current: Idle: 0.4 A; Cut: 6 A; Coag: 3 A; Bipolar: 1.5 A
  • Max. Power: Idle: 50 W; Cut: 700 W; Coag: 300 W; Bipolar: 180 W


  • High Power Digital ESU.
  • High-performance capabilities in a multipurpose generator
  • Provides flexibility through varying degrees of homeostasis
  • The operator can choose one of three preset modes: simultaneous independent coagulation, low voltage coagulation and Valleylab REM safety, which substantially reduces the risk of patient burns at the return electrode site.

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