UlCO 615 Elite Anesthesia Machine [Refurbished]

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The Elite 615 is best known for its 3 gas 3/5 tube anesthesia delivery system and safety features. It is a stainless steel machine that comes with integrated Anti-Hypoxic device gauges. These device gauges display and measure Air, O2, and N2O pressures of the pipeline and cylinders. It also has a reservoir for storing Oxygen and N2O cut-off.


  • Brand: UlCO
  • Model: Elite 615
  • Category: Anaesthetic Equipment
  • Weight: 70 Kgs. Not including Absorber or Vaporizer
  • Dimensions: 1370 x 720 x 690mm

Standard Items Supplied with Elite 615

  • Gas Circuits: Pipeline Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (400kPa)
  • Backbar: Back Bar components are all fitted with 23mm connectors
  • Flowmeter: A 3-gas flowmeter for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, and Air
  • Vaporizer Mounts: 2 Selectatec-type mounts
  • Common Gas Outlet: Contains Emergency Oxygen Flush (45L/min), Patient Safety Valve (50cm/H2O), and Male connector (22/15 mm)
  • Oxygen Failure: An audio-visual display warning system
  • Drawer Units: 1 large drawer 150mm deep and 1 small drawer 100mm deep

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