Stryker 6208 System 6 Sagittal Saw [Refurbished]

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The Stryker 6208 System 6 Sagittal Saw is a wireless electric power tool configured for large bone procedures. This electric power tool combines the power, speed, versatility, and performance provided by the System 6 rotary handpiece to improve the surgeons’ control, precision, and performance during operations. System 6 uses Advanced Motor Technology to increase torque, allowing surgeons to perform faster and more efficiently. The 6208 Sagittal Saw can use the Stryker 6110-120 System 6 or the Stryker 7110-120 System Battery Charger. This surgical saw features a two-speed control, providing surgeons with a broader range of cutting options. The blade is also compatible with the Stryker System 7 Series, which can reduce maintenance, operating, and upgrade costs.


  • Brand: Stryker
  • Model: System 6
  • Category: Surgical Equipment
  • MPN: 6208
  • Instrument: Battery operated
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Orthopaedics

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