Sonosite S-Nerve Ultrasound System With 1 Transducer [Refurbished]

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The industry’s first ultrasound system designed to be wall mounted, the S Series product line can also be used on a stand and is custom-designed for your practice. First, with the S Series systems, you can optimize your image by adjusting just two controls: depth and gain. Based on SonoSite’s fourth-generation Turbo Technology, the S Series offers in a mountable solution an à la carte selection of all the advanced features found on our flagship M-Turbo product. Proprietary software algorithms automatically adjust a broad range of S Series transducers to optimally perform for the specific clinical configuration of each S Series system. Setting the standard for ultimate durability and reliability, the S Series products are drop-tested, built with a splash-resistant interface, and can withstand the harshest environments 

Sonosite S-Nerve Specifications:


  • Brand: Sonosite
  • Model: Sonosite S-Nerve
  • Category: Ultrasound Equipment
  • Weight: 3.8kg (8.5lbs) 
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 15.1 x 6.1 (inch) (WxHxD)


  • Length: 8.4 in (21.34 cm)
  • Height: 6.3in (16 cm)
  • Diagonal: 10.4 in ( 26.4 cm)

Imaging Mode

  • 2D ( 256 gray shedes)
  • Color powerDoppler (CDP) (256 colors)
  • Color Doppler (Color) (256 Colors)


  • Power Supply Input: 100‐240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A Max @ 100 VAC
  • Power Supply Output 1: 15 VDC, 5.0A Max (system)
  • Power Supply Output 2: 12 VDC, 2.3A Max (battery)


  • 6‐cell, 11.2 VDC, 5.2 amp‐hours, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Runtime is up to 2 hours depending on imaging mode and display brightness.

Temperature, Pressure & Humidity Limits

  • Operating Limits: System
    • 10–40°C (50–104°F), 15–95% R.H.
    • 700 to 1060hPa (0.7 to 1.05 ATM)
  • Operating Limits: Battery
    • 10–40°C (50–104°F), 15–95% R.H.
    • 700 to 1060hPa (0.7 to 1.05 ATM)
  • Operating Limits: Transducer
    • 10–40°C (50–104°F), 15–95% R.H.
  • Shipping/Storage Limits: System without Battery
    • ‐35–65°C (‐31–149°F), 15–95% R.H.
    • 500 to 1060hPa (0.5 to 1.05 ATM)
  • Shipping/Storage Limits: Battery
    • ‐20–60°C (‐4–140°F), 0–95% R.H.
    • 500 to 1060hPa (0.5 to 1.05 ATM)


  • Seamlessly archive and store images with DICOM 3.0 using Ethernet or wireless capabilities
  • Crisp and clear imaging, featuring SonoHD Imaging Technology – with 16x the processing power of our previous generation
  • Mount your system at the point of care for instant ultrasound access and a zero footprint or use it on a highly maneuverable S Series V-Universal Stand
  • Optimise your target with just two controls – one for depth, one for gain
  • Transducer cable length of up to six feet

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