Smith & Nephew 460P-CCD [Refurbished]

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The Smith & Nephew 460P Camera Console provides high-resolution images in endoscopic surgical applications. Camera features such as zoom and enhancement are easy to control at a user's fingertip. It can connect with accessories such as video recorders, video printers, and still image recorders, which maximises the control of a surgeon over the image displays and in documenting the procedure.


  • Brand: Smith & Nephew
  • Model: 460P-CCD
  • Category: Electrosurgical Equipment
  • Weight 4.73 kg
  • Dimensions:  3.0" x 14.35" x 17.0"


  • 2 DVI 460p only (digital visual interface, 1280 x 1024 res., 29 pin dvi connectors)
  • 1 DVI 460p only (digital video full resolution streaming of video and audio, ieee1394 6-pin connector)
  • 1 SDI 460p only (serial digital interface, bnc connector)
  • 1 RGBS (1v p-p, rgb and sync into 75o 4 bnc connector)
  • progressive and interlaced signal is auto sensing or switchable
  • 2 s-video (y/c: 1v p-p, 75o, 4 pin mini din connector)
  • 1 BNC composite (1v p-p, 75o, bnc connector) automatic optimization of surgical environments: arthroscopy, laparoscopy, cystoscopy, ent, flexible, and 2 customizable options. White balance automatically customize for each head, button initiated. Automatic control of reflected light with 8 step base reference adjustment.

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