Shimadzu Mobile Art Plus [Refurbished]

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MobileArt Plus is designed by integrating solutions for the real requirements from the field for mobile imaging. In mobile imaging, it is required to care various things, such as driving through a crowded passage, long drive with heavy films, taking quality X-ray films without mistake, taking care of very sensitive fixtures, and most importantly giving the comfort to the patient.

  • Brand: Shimadzu
  • Category: X-Ray Equipment
  • Easy-to-read display of X-ray process status panel;
  • Compact and Lightweight design to achieve easy manoeuvrability and good visibility;
  • High quality imaging;
  • Modern compact design with clear forward vision, slim body;
  • Voltage: 240 Volts


  • Flexible Bedside Positioning - The X-ray tube arm can be simply and precisely maneuvered into position with one-step operation by pressing "All-free" buttons. In addition, wide exposure range is covered by virtue of telescopic arm type.
  • Imaging in Bright Rom, Saving Energy - Newly accommodated LED light indicates the irradiation field more clearly even in a bright room or day time use. Also, long-life LED reduces energy consumption and frequency of replacement.

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