Philips SureSigns VM8 [Refurbished]

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The SureSigns VM series patient monitors are ideal for monitoring, recording, and alarming multiple physiological parameters of adults, pediatrics, and neonates in healthcare environments, including intra-facility transport. The monitor can go from a bedside monitor to a transport monitor in seconds. The monitor can measure multiple parameters; 3-5 lead ECG, SpO2, temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, respiration, and basic arrhythmia. The monitor is used on patients ranging from neonates to adults. The color 10-inch color display screen shows up to 4 different waveforms at a time. The system can store up to 96 hours of trending data. The SureSigns VM 8 comes with a USB port making it easy to maintain and update the software.


  • Brand: Philips
  • Model:  SureSigns VM8
  • Category: Patient Monitors
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 12.6" W x 10.6" H x 6.9" D
  • Screen Type: 26.4 cm (10.4") SVGA TFT-AM LCD display
  • Pixel Size: 0.264 mm (inch)
  • Alarm Audio Range: 45 - 85 dB
  • S ystem Response Time: 1sec
  • Viewing angle: approx. 60°
  • Screen refresh frequency: 60 Hz


  • A wide variety of measurements makes VM8 your go-to monitor.
  • Lithium-ion battery for power on the go.
  • Flexible, easy-to-read display for ease of use.
  • Roll stand or wall mount option to position your monitor in a convenient viewing position.
  • A multi-parameter monitor is suitable for use in adult, pediatric and neonatal care settings.
  • The portable design features an integrated bed rail hanger and carrying handle.
  • Bright, easy to read display panel shows up to four waveforms.


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