Philips Page Writer TC30 [Refurbished]

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The easy-to-use Philips PageWriter TC30 is among the most advanced electrocardiographs on the market today. In addition to its technological sophistication and sleek design, the Philips PageWriter TC30 offers unparalleled operating speed at an affordable price and by brand users know and trust. With reliable, user-friendly, quick operation speed, the TC30 is sure to increase efficiency in your office.


  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: TC 30
  • Category: Pagewriter
  • Machine Type: Resting
  • Lead Selection: Automatic
  • Digital Display: Yes
  • Operating Mode: Automatic


  • PageWriter touch screen is fast and simple
  • Lighted buttons make the TC30 easy to navigate
  • DXL ECG algorithm offers quality clinical decision support, improving patient care with various tools, like ST Maps, Critical Values, and STEMI-CA statements
  • Provides ECG readings quickly for prompt decision making
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty on the PageWriter TC30 ECG

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