Philips Intellivue MP30 Patient Monitor [Refurbished]

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The IntelliVue family of networked patient monitors gives care teams throughout the hospital more information they need right at the patient's side. The Philips IntelliVue MP30 provides powerful monitoring capability and essential measurements in a compact package to match the pace and unique needs of intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, post-operative care, special procedures, lower acuity environments, and patient transfer. featuring highly flexible screen configurations designed to suit patient acuity, department protocols, or specific procedure requirements.

  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: Intellivue MP30
  • Category: Patient Monitors
  • weight: 13lbs
  • NIBP Measurement range: 10-300mmHg
  • SPO2 Measurement Range: 0-100%
  • Pulse Rate Range: 20-254bpm
  • ECG Lead Mode: 3 lead
  • Heart Rate Range: 15-300 bpm
  • Parameter: ECG
  • Display Size 26 cm (10.4") color SVGA
  • Waveforms: 3 (4 optional)
  • Monitor screen display: One integrated 26 cm/10.4" colour SVGA
  • Screen navigation: Touchscreen Navigation Point
  • Multi-Measurement Modules (MMS, X2) and extensions: compatible
  • Battery operation: Optional
  • Networking capability: Standard
  • Patient population: Adult, Pediatric, Neonates


  • Powerful monitoring and essential measurements in a compact package for a variety of care settings
  • Highly flexible screen configurations for a range of patient acuity levels, protocols, and procedures
  • Easy to use and operate on a networked platform that can span the hospital enterprise
  • Multi-Measurement Server includes a collection of the most consistently required parameters in a single unit, which saves valuable space
  • Touchscreen operation makes many functions accessible through simple, one-touch commands.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity with easy switching from one mode to another
  • Navigation Point operation is designed for easy information input and onscreen navigation
  • Optional integrated recorder offers convenient documentation whenever it's needed.

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