Philips Heartstart MRX [Refurbished]

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Built to be rugged, reliable, and easy to use, the HeartStart MRx with the Philips DXL 12-Lead ECG algorithm, provides industry-leading patient monitoring capabilities, superb diagnostic measurements, proven resuscitation therapies, and CPR guidance.


  • Brand Philips
  • Model: Heartstart MRX
  • Category: Defibrillators
  • Resolution 1 mmHg (0.1 kPa)
  • Weight 13.2 lbs. (6 kg)
  • Range 0 to 99 mm Hg
  • Sample Size 50 ml per minute
  • Charge Time:  Approximately 3 hours
  • Shock-to-Shock Cycle Time: Typically less than 20 seconds
  • Maximum Patient Impedance Range: 180 Ohm Ohm
  • Recorder(a): Standard: 50 mm (paper width) thermal array printer mm
  • Recorder(b): Optional: 75 mm (paper width) thermal array printer mm
  • At least 5 hours of continuous 12-lead ECG/SpO2 and CO2 monitoring. With NBP every 15 minutes on one


  • Rich clinical information, driving patient care - With the DXL 12-Lead ECG algorithm, the HeartStart MRx gives advanced STEMI decision support. There are predictive tools that show the probability that the patient is experiencing acute ischemia or the likely outcome of AMI. These tools help you make confident decisions to speed triage.
  • Built to endure, designed to evolve - Built tough—tough enough to endure environmental conditions created by water, vibrations, mechanical shocks, drops, and electromagnetic activity. Plus it’s built on a scalable platform, so you can upgrade easily and take advantage of Philips advancements while retaining the same footprint and weight.

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