Olympus UHI-3 High Flow Insufflation Unit [Refurbished]

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The Olympus Insufflation unit UHI-3 is a high-flow insufflation with a built-in smoke evacuation system. The Olympus insufflation unit was designed to inflate the body cavity during surgery, making move room for the doctor or surgeon to work. When the UHI-3 insufflator is connected to a footswitch, the smoke Execution system can then remove the mist and smoke from the operating room—making it easier to see while operating, reducing stress, and enhancing performance and speed of the procedure.

Olympus Insufflation Unit Specifications



  • Height: 150 mm
  • Width: 295 mm
  • Depth: 340 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg.

Power Requirements

  • Voltage (AC): 100 – 240 V.
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Input: 150 VA.
  • Voltage Fluctuation: Within ± 10%.

Flow Rate

  • Flow Rate Settings: Low mode is selected when power is turned on.
    • Low Mode: 0.1 – 1.0 L/min.
    • Medium Mode: 1.1 – 19 L/min.
    • High Mode: 20 – 35 L/min.


  • Powerful 35 L/min Insufflations: The UHI-3 features a powerful high-flow gas supply. It can quickly respond to gas leakages to return to the preset pressure level.
  • Automatic Relief: When the abdominal pressure becomes too high, a warning lamp and an alarm are activated, and a pinch valve on the suction tube opens automatically to release excess pressure.
  • Low Noise Design: Noise is kept especially low through an innovative mechanism in the electromagnetic valve.
  • 3 Main Flow Settings: You can quickly set flow rates programmed to low, medium, or high mode.
  • Check Critical Data at a Glance: Actual and preset pressures are displayed simultaneously. You can easily monitor the necessary information while remaining focused on what you are doing.
  • Connectable to Medical Gas Pipeline: The UHI-3 unique pressure control mechanism lets you connect it to your hospital medical gas pipeline, eliminating the need for handling heavy, inconvenient gas cylinders.

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