Nellcor Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator System [Refurbished]

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The Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator features our PAV software, a breath type that better manages a patient’s work of breathing and supports more natural breathing compared to conventional mechanical ventilation. With the addition of optional advanced technology upgrades, this ventilator can meet the specific needs of practically every patient type you care for — from neonatal patients weighing as little as 300 grams to adult patients weighing as much as 150 kg.

With the Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator, Medtronic:

  • Provides clinically exceptional technology that helps keep patients and clinicians safe
  • Protects capital investment with an upgradeable pathway
  • Focuses on service, support and education
  • Enables the benefits of fleet standardisation
  • Ventilation Status Indicator


  • Brand: Nellcor Puritan Bennett
  • Model: Puritan Bennett 840
  • Category: Ventilator
  • Patient Age Group: Adult, Paediatrics & Neonatal
  • Mean Airway Pressure: 5 to 90 cm H2O
  • Display Type: Touch Screen
  • Weight: Ventilator 18.2 kg + Graphic user interface 5.7 kg + Backup power source 6.6 kg, Trolley 15.5 kg + Compressor 55 kg, Total Weight = 101 kg
  • Plateau Time: 0.0 to 2 sec
  • I:E Ratio: 1:299 to 4:1
  • Mounting Type: Trolley + Compressor
  • Tidal Volume: Adult: 25 to 2500 ml, Paediatric: 5 to 315 ml with neo mode option
  • Ventilation Mode: AC, SIMV, spontaneous(SPONT), BiLevel, Volume ventilation plus (Volume control plus and Volume support ), Tube compensation, Proportional assist, Ventilation plus (PAV +), Neomode software option
  • Respiratory Rate: Adult: 1 to 100 bpm, Paediatrics: 1 to 150 bpm with neo mode option

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