Medtronic McGrath MAC Video Laryngoscope [Ex Demo]

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You do your best to avoid airway complications. You know they can be associated with significant patient morbidity and unnecessary expense. But sometimes they occur when you least expect them With the McGrath MAC video laryngoscope, you can be better prepared for the unexpected. Combining confidence with simplicity and convenience — so your first attempt is your best. Because a difficult airway doesn’t have to be difficult intubation.



  • Better glottic visualization than traditional Macintosh laryngoscopy
  • Higher intubation success rates than many other video laryngoscopes
  • May be associated with less hemodynamic stimulation than direct laryngoscopy and certain video laryngoscopes.
  • It combines line-of-sight video from its portrait display with the familiar Macintosh technique.
  • The single-button functionality and minute-by-minute battery indication and auto shut off feature to optimize battery life.
  • One handle with multiple blade options. (Blades are sold separately); from pediatric to adult patients and routine to extreme airways.
  • It is durable and designed to endure fast-paced hospital and EMS environments.

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