Malmet Double Blanket and Fluid Warming Cabinet [Refurbished]

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The only safe and accurate method of determining and maintaining saline, irrigation, glycine, parenteral and IPD fluid temperature to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fluid warming cabinets are essential in Maternity, Recovery, Theatre, Specialist and Intensive Care units.


  • Brand: Malmet
  • Category: Fluid warmers
  • Adjustable Shelves: 
    • Fluid: 4 wire shelves, bottom fixed
    • Blanket: 3 wire shelves
  • Capacity:  up to 12 blankets or 60 litres of fluid


    • Stainless steel construction with insulation cavity, therefore the exterior is cool to the touch
    • Double glazed doors for inventory monitoring
    • Safe and accurate warming method for irrigation, gycene, parenteral and IPD fluids
    • Magnetic door closure
    • Adjustable shelving: 1 litre and 2 litre bottles and bags can be stored
    • Special sensor plate for actual fluid temperature monitoring
    • Capacity for up to 24 blankets or 120 litres of fluid
    • Over temperature protection (5°C above setting) and temperature lock-out
    • Fan-assisted convection heating
    • Single cabinets can be converted to combination units. Mix and match to suit any requirements
    • Multi-purpose installation: Wall mounted, freestanding or bench
    • Castors (2 fixed, 2 swivel and lockable) optional

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