GE Capnoflex LF Sidestream CO2 Module [Refurbished]

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The innovative design of the GE CapnoFlex LF sidestream CO2 Module has no moving parts making it rugged and accurate. The CapnoFlex uses non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) analysis to continuously measure inspired CO2, expired CO2, and respiration rate. This CO2 module can connect to the Dash series patient monitors.

This CO2 module can connect to the Dash series patient monitors.



  • The sensor simply snaps onto the airway adapter connected to the endotracheal tube in the breathing circuit.
  • A crisp, accurate diagnostic waveform is displayed within 30 seconds and completely operational within 2 minutes.
  • Intubated patients from adult to neonate are measured with the mainstream Capnostat CO2 sensor.
  • A wide selection of airway adapters, including disposable/reusable, adult/neonatal, are available. Mainstream CO2 technology significantly improves secretion handling and response time from that found in sidestream systems.

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