GE Aestiva S5 with Full Patient Monitoring [Refurbished]

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The easy-to-use SmartVent ventilator offers Pressure and Volume modes, and can ventilate neonates, trauma and compromised patients.The Smart Vent now features SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) with Pressure Support and Pressure Support with Apnea backup mode (PSVPro® ), which expands the Aestiva/5’s clinical capabilities to help meet your patients’ needs. Featuring electronic PEEP, apnea backup mode and an adjustable flow trigger, both the PSVPro and SIMV modes can help simplify efforts for providing care to spontaneously breathing patients.

  • Brand: GE
  • Model: Aestiva S5
  • Category: Anaesthetic Equipment
  • Built in ventilator
  • All patient leads supplied;
  • Storage drawers;
  • Vaporiser additional
  • Height: 135.8 cm/53.4 in 
  • Width: 75 cm/29.5 in
  • Depth: 83 cm/32.7 in
  • Weight: 136 kg/300 lb
  • Monitoring - SpO2, NIBP, Temperature, ECG and end tidal C02
  • Type: Integrated, electronically controlled
  • Range: OFF, 4 to 30 cm H2 O (increments of 1 cm H2 O)
  • Pressure range at inlet: 240 kPa to 700 kPa/35 psig to 100 psi
  • Peak gas flow 120 L/min + fresh gas flow
  • Flow valve range 1 to 120 L/min
  • Flow compensation range 200 mL/min to 15 L/min


  • Pressure Control mode - You can choose a target pressure and deliver the maximum tidal volume for the pressure selected and desired time.
  • Volume Control mode - Delivers the tidal volume that you set, regardless of changes in the fresh gas flow and airway pressure, up to the user selectable pressure limit. 
  • Low flow delivery techniques - Optimized by the innovative compensation system, which provides more consistent delivery of set tidal volumes by automatically adjusting for changes in small system leaks, fresh gas flows, changing lung compliance or compression losses in the bellows, absorber and ventilator. 

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