Gallay Soluscope Sprint 7 [Refurbished]

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The Soluscope Sprint 7 pass-through automatic endoscope reprocessor has been designed with high-level hygiene practices at the front mind to offer day hospitals and theatres the best time-effective cycles which are compatible with all leading market brands and models in flexible endoscopes.



  • It is the market leader, flexible Automated Endoscope Reprocessor with 25 years of endoscopy expertise in AERs.
  • It is a fast cycle, and a complete clean disinfection cycle help prevents a backlog of dirty scopes.
  • The easy-to-use, intuitive graphical touchscreen enables users to access all cycle and machine parameters quickly and easily.
  • Allows you to eliminate manual cleaning procedures or alcohol injection flushes with our optional ‘Enhanced Pre-Cleaning’ function.
  • It is compatible with leading flexible endoscope brands and types.
  • Includes individual channel monitoring with alarms ensuring all endoscope channels are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected/sterilised during the reprocessing cycle.
  • Features a complete leak testing cycle with an alarm preventing fluid ingression.
  • It offers an automated self-disinfection cycle using a second biocide.
  • It offers the convenience of both high-level disinfection and sterilisation cycles in 1 machine.
  • The Barcode tracking system incorporates the tracking of the Endoscope, Operator, Doctor and Patient.
  • It offers the ability to reprocess EUS (ultrasound) endoscopes.

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