ERBE ICC 200 Electrosurgical Unit [Refurbished]

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The Erbe Erbotom ICC 200 is an Electrosurgical Unit that offers more than 200 watts of output. It has a variety of coagulation-cutting modes; Auto Cut, Endo Cut, Forced Coagulation, Soft Coagulation, and Bipolar Coagulation. The Erbe Electrosurgical Unit offers a cutting control - that can be used for sharply defined and reproducible cutting quality. As well as an Endo Cut which offers the best controls in cutting and can be used in Polypectomy to remove polyps and for cutting during the papillotomy procedure. 


  • Brand: Erbe
  • Model: ICC 200
  • Category: Electrosurgical Equipment
  • Maximum Power: 400Watts
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Weight: 8 KG
  • Frequency: 240 V / 230 V / 115 V / 110 V / 100 V +- 10 %


  • ENDO CUT for use with snare wires and sphincterotomes
  • Power on Demand - As much as necessary, as little as possible
  • Forced Coag
  • Soft Coag
  • Expandable for Argon use

Coagulation Cutting Modes

  • Auto Cut - Automatic open and closed loop control system, cutting quality that is guaranteed to be able to be reproducible and consistent.
  • Endo Cut -For use with snare wires and sphincterotomes.
  • Forced Coagulation - A unique and efficient way to stop the flow of blood by creating sparks with small surface electrodes, such as TUR resection loops.
  • Soft Coagulation - This can be activated by a key or Pedal attached to the machine.
  • Bipolar Coagulation - Offers consistency cutting control, the voltage is lower than 200Vp.

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