Edwards LifeScience Aquarius Dialysis Machine [Refurbished]

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  • Brand: Edwards LifeScience
  • Category: Dialysis machines
  • Weight: approx 90 kg
  • Power supply 230V, 350W
  • Dimensions (without IV pole): 175 x 65 x 75 (in cm) (HxWxD) 
  • Liquid heater: Adjustable setting 0(off) or 35°C to 39°C in 0.5°C
  • Pre-dilution pump: 0 or 100 to 10,000ml/h 0 or 100 to 6000 ml/h
  • Post-dilution pump: 0 or 100 to 10,000ml/h 0 or 100 to 4000 ml/h
  • Filtrate pump: 0 or 100 to 12,000ml/h 0 or 100 to 11,000ml/h


  • Low and high-volume haemofiltration capabilities     
  • Wide range of Aquamax filter choices to optimize patient benefit - Adult and Pediatric.
  • One pre-connected tubing set for all treatments.
  • Provide step-by-step, on-screen instructions.
  • Simple set-up with molded tubing set.
  • Automated priming.

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