Drager Primus Anaesthesia Workstation with Full Monitoring [Refurbished]

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Comprehensive anaesthesia solution for the modern OR suite

The Draeger Primus is a sophisticated anaesthesia workstation constructed with dependable technology, engineered with the modern healthcare setting in mind. Medical staff can easily configure the Draeger Primus to their specific requirements with its user-friendly interface and open architecture design. The Primus is equipped with an electronically driven, electronically regulated gas delivery system and ICU-standard ventilator. The unit can access advanced monitoring, ventilation modes, a large shelf, and other add-ons to fulfil your facility's requirements. Avante Health Solutions offers the Draeger Primus Anesthesia workstation refurbished. To learn more, reach out to a Tomlin Medical representative right away.


  • State-of-the-art anaesthesia machine built with time-tested technology.
  • Clear, intuitive user interface.
  • An electrically driven piston ventilator requires no drive gas.
  • Compact unit with a small footprint designed for operating suites of any size.
  • ICU Standard ventilation provides a full range of volume and pressure-oriented modes for every clinical situation.
  • Standard operating modes include:
    • Manual
    • Spontaneous
    • Volume Mode (IPPV)
    • Pressure Mode (PCV)
  • Compact breathing system with integrated heater.
  • External fresh-gas outlet connects semi-open breathing systems.
  • Auxiliary oxygen therapy is supplied by Primus gas delivery.
  • Fully automatic self-check feature.
  • Open architecture design allows users to easily expand monitoring capabilities.
  • Optional: Large writing tray fits A3 size paper and can be easily mounted to the unit.
  • Optional: Advanced monitoring and ventilation modes are available! Ask your Tomlin Medical representative for details.


  • Brand: Drager
  • Category: Anaesthetic Equipment
  • Dimensions: 
    • Weight: 115 kg (without vaporizers or cylinders)
    • Height: 137 cm
    • Width: 80 cm
    • Depth: 80 cm
  • Power: 
    • 200 W, typical
    • Operating Voltage: 100-240V~. 45-65 Hz
    • Integrated Power Backup: at least 30 minutes, typically 90 minutes, depending on the ventilation mode
  • Performance
    • Ventilator E-Vent Plus: Electrically driven and electronically controlled
    • Standard Operating Modes: Manual, spontaneous, Volume Mode (IPPV), Pressure Mode (PCV)
    • Optional Operating Modes: Pressure Support (PS), Synchronized volume-controlled ventilation (SIMV), optional with PS, Synchronized pressure-controlled ventilation, optional with PS

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