Disposable Electrocautery Hand Switching Pencils [New]

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Cautery Pencil is also known as Electrosurgical Pencil or Monopolar pencil with 2 push buttons / ESU Pencil. It is a type of medical device which is used to cut and coagulate biological tissues. It is mainly used in electrosurgery procedures. Through the usage of electrosurgical pencils, the surgeon can control the bleeding via Radio Frequency alternating current. Usually, the surgeon can adjust the cut or coagulate setting through the Electrosurgical Pencil’s push buttons. The ESU pencils suit all the universal ESU generator units.



  • Desiccation – ESU Desiccation is achieved when the electrode is in direct contact with the tissue. By touching the tissue, the current concentration is lessened. This can be used for minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Fulguration – ESU Fulguration chars and coagulates the tissue over a wide area. Surgeons adjust the duty cycle to about six per cent, which yields less heat. This results in the creation of coagulum and not cellular vaporisation.
  • Cutting–ESU cutting divides the tissue with electrical sparks, focusing intense heat at the target area. Surgeons create this spark by holding the electrode a little away from the tissue.

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