Denyer XRT 5000 [Refurbished]

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The XRT5000 slide-top continues the Denyer tradition of high-quality, feature-rich, reliable, well-priced surgical tables, which incorporate the experience and feedback gained over 125 years of working with Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Nurses and other medical specialists.

Denyer XRT 5000 Specifications:


Table Top Dimensions

  • Table top Slide: 466mm
  • Number of sections: 4
  • Width of top: 522mm ( 568mm incl. rails)
  • Length of top: 2040 mm

Table Top Articulation

  • Table top Height:  665mm (min), 1126mm (max)
  • Optional Lower Height: 625mm (min), 1046mm (max)
  • Trendelenberg: 30°, 30° reverse
  • Flex / reflex: 90°, 220°
  • Lateral tilt: 20° left, 20° right
  • Back up / down: 90°, 40°
  • Leg up / down: 30°, 105°
  • Head up / down: 45°, 90° infinite adjust

Weight Capacity

  • Full lift and articulation of patients up to 500kg when centred over the column.
  • Full lift and articulation in all surgical positions (incl. lithotomy) of patients up to 300kg.


  • Batteries: 2 x 12Volt sealed lead acid, 20AH
  • Mains power: 230volt, 50/60 cycle, 6Amp max. charging current
  • RS232 Interface: 9-pin D connector
  • Wired hand control, bayonet Limo connector
  • Wired override control, bayonet Limo connector
  • Wired foot control, bayonet Limo connector
  • Infra-red, cordless hand control with 2 x receivers on the base give 360° coverage


  • In case of component failure, fitted with spare hand pendant (interchangeable with normal hand pendant), foot pump and completely separate main circuit board, giving fully redundant system.
  • It can run directly from mains power in the event of battery problems.

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