Denyer XRT 2000 [Refurbished]

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The Denyer XRT 2000 operating table has been designed with the input of professionals from the surgical field. The range excels in all the areas that have been emphasised by these professionals as the critical factors that determine the quality of an operating table. The four section top provides the surgeon with a multitude of positioning options to cover a wide range of surgical procedures. The XRT 2000 features the option of extended height adjustment. With this option, the Denyer XRT 2000 


  • Brand: Denyer
  • Model: XRT 2000
  • Category: Operating Table
  • Minimum height: 750mm 29.5"
  • Maximum height: 1092mm 43"
  • Width of top over side rails: 521mm 20.5"
  • Lift Height to: 108 cms
  • Length of top: 1968 mm 77.5"
  • Chair Position: 90
  • Head End Elevation: 37.5
  • Head End Drop: 27.5
  • Leg End Drop: 90
  • Leg End Elevation: 0
  • Floor Lock
  • Segments can be removed


  • Extended Height Range Option: It has one of the lowest and highest height range of any operating table. This allows the patient to be raised or lowered to that perfect height providing the surgeon with more stability and comfort.
  • Earthed, nonconductive: The table has an anti-conductive facility to prevent accidental static electric discharge in the operating theatre.
  • Perfect Radiolucency & Improved Accessibility: The XRT top is 100% radiolucent & resists scratching & staining. The clever design allows for unobstructed & easy access by Image Intensifies.
  • Single Handle for all Movements: All table top positions are controlled from a single conveniently located handle. This eliminates the need to move around the table to access other handles.
  • Interchangeable Head & Leg Sections: Reverse the side of the table the controls are on for added convenience & surgical flexibility.
  • Extensive Positioning Capabilities: The XRT's 4 section top enables it to adapt to a wide range of positions for different surgical procedures.

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