Covidien Ligasure LF1944 Maryland Jaw Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider Handpiece [New]

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Nonstick nano-coating enhances the performance of the LigaSure Maryland jaw device. Now you can grasp, cut, dissect, and reliably seal tissue and vessels with fewer interruptions from eschar buildup, sticking and jaw cleanings. So patients experience more efficient procedures.


“New, never used. In original packing (unopened). Long expiry date 2027.”


Control and versatility. With greater efficiency.

One portfolio of sealer/dividers with many applications to meet your needs in the OR.

For specialties including:

  •   General
  •   Urological
  •   Vascular
  •   Thoracic
  •   Gynecological

Multifunctional flexibility

With the LigaSure Maryland jaw device, you get the benefits of:

  • A one-step vessel sealer
  • A Maryland dissector for enhanced blunt dissection
  • An atraumatic grasper to securely grasp tissue
  • Cold scissors leave the critical decision to cut in your hands

Multifunctional performance

The LigaSure Maryland jaw device delivers

  • Improved access compared to straight jaws
  • Improved tip visualization compared to straight jaws
  • A jaw is designed to follow the curvature of the uterus or stomach
  • Easy skeletonization of vessels
  • A nonstick nano-coating for improved efficiency

Three lengths to meet different procedural needs

The LigaSure Maryland jaw device is available in three lengths:

  • 23 cm
  • 37 cm
  • 44 cm

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