Getinge HS33 Steam Sterilizer [Refurbished]

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Getinge HS33 sterilizers offer high capacity that ensures superior production efficiency. They are available in two chamber models – single-door or double-door pass-through – with automatic or manually operated vertical space-saving sliding doors.


  • Brand: Maquet Getinge
  • Model: HS33
  • Category: Autoclaves
  • Chamber Volume: 63/2.2 (L/ CU ft)
  • Chamber Width: 320/12.6 (mm/in)
  • Chamber Depth: 620/24.4 (mm/in)
  • Chamber Height: 320/12.6 (mm/in)
  • Capacity: 1.5 STU
  • High-speed Sterilization
  • Wrapped Cycle: 30 minutes, including drying
  • Flash Cycle: 17 minutes


  • It is very simple to operate. Close the door and press the start button. Several accessories ensure simple handling and a good working environment.
  • Stainless steel construction - chamber in 316Ti, booster tanks and covers in 304.
  • Small footprint. Less than 600 mm width enables installations in the most narrow places.
  • Only 10A when connecting to 3 x 400 V.
  • ECO, water saving system as standard, reducing the water consumption drastically, consumes about 100 litres/process.
  • A built-in water treatment system as an option takes no extra space in the installation.
  • Wide range of accessories, such as loading system, trays, baskets etc.

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