Atherton Mongoose TEC5510 [Refurbished]

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The Mongoose is the perfect choice for applications where big is not better, where full capability is required but tough enough to fire up year after year.


  • Brand: Atherton
  • Model: Gen5
  • Category: Autoclaves
  • Dimensions: 535 x 535 x 975/1025 mm
  • Radical Carriage
      • Modular shelves - Allows user to customize loading pattern
      • Superior loading area and accessibility - Cantilevered shelves allow full access for loading/unloading


  • Speed: Fastest cycle times - All new air removal profile, more efficient vacuum system, redesigned steam pipework, Rapid Dry System - RDS.
  • Compliance:
    • Simplified compliance with AS/NZS4187 - ADFT can be operated by the user with no requirements for an engineer to remove piping plugs or adjust valving. Stainless Steel piping, built-in S/S Electric steam gen or Kookaburra both can provide clean steam.
    • Built-in Electronic Bowie Dick - Part of the Start of Day sequence. World-first self-diagnosis includes possibilities of why the test failed. I.e. air leak, insufficient air removal, NCG’s.
    • Automatic Leak Rate Test - Part of Start of Day sequence
    • Automatic Warm-Up - Part of Start of Day sequence
  • Functionality
    • User configurable cycles - All parameters can be modified. Air removal sterilize and Dry
    • Connect to your smart device - Replicate the screen on mobile or tablet allowing full remote control
    • Proactive component duty monitor - All components set with a lifespan. Email is sent to both the customer and Atherton advising that the part is due for replacement. Part is then fitted during the next routine service.
    • Open format tracking system connectivity - Connect to any HL7 compliant tracking system via PC – or to the Atherton system
    • Sleek Front Panel - Available in modern acrylic or classic stainless steel
    • Flush door panel - Reduced airflow to assist with room pressurization. No ledge to gather dust.
    • Easy to clean durable design - Acrylic is more durable than the S/S and can be buffed if trolley marks need to be removed.
    • Dynamic Chamber Design
      • Large central drain for optimal air removal and drying - Results in faster air removal and better condensate removal
      • Complete chamber ceiling baffle - Better steam flow dynamics resulting in faster steam charge and more even heat distribution.
    • Revolutionary Vacuum System
      • Super quiet, ultra-efficient multi stage vacuum system - Whisper quiet, energy efficient, capable of -95kPa
      • Eco water recovery - Built in condenser, separator and heat exchanger – reduces water consumption by 50%
    • Computer Designed Jacket
      • Advanced chamber heating - Channel jacket design provides far superior strength resulting in extended chamber life. Increased coverage provides superior drying
      • Precision robotic welded chamber - Extended chamber life
    • Superior Piping Matrix
      • Modular design for ease of maintenance - Assemblies can be replaced as a module resulting in reduced downtime
      • Electronic air and condensate removal - No need for steam traps and check valves which traditionally are major replacement items
      • Steam balance module for improved temperature and pressure control - Pressure controlled to a far greater accuracy

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