Philips Affiniti 70C Ultrasound System With 2 Transducers [Refurbished]

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To balance these many demands, you need diagnostic information quickly – but not at the expense of accuracy. You need advanced functionality – but not at the expense of ease of use. You need a system that is ergonomic –but built to last for the daily rigors of high patient volume. Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasound system helps you achieve this balance. Engineered for efficiency and reliability and powered by Philips superb performance, it gets you the diagnostic images you need, quickly. It's intuitive design and walk-up usability help you provide elegant, efficient care – every day.


  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: Affiniti 70C
  • Category: Ultrasound Equipment
  • Imaging Mode: 2D
  • Clinical Application: General Imaging, OB/ GYN, Cardiology
  • Doppler Mode: Color Doppler Velocity
  • Monitor Size: 21.5
  • Weight: 83.6 Kg


  • MaxVue high-definition display - With a touch of a button, MaxVue brings full high-definition display quality to ultrasound imaging but adds more than 1 million pixels to the display.
  • SonoCT - applies electronic steering of up to 9 frames (lines of sight) at different steering angles, compounding these frames into one image at real-time frame rates.  
  • X-Res - provides real-time image enhancement using proprietary contextual algorithms that reduce speckle, haze, and clutter artifacts. 
  • AutoScan - Automatically and continuously optimizes the brightness of the image at the default gain and TGC settings for the best image display
  • Adaptive Color Doppler - Automatically changes transmit and received frequency just by moving the color box from surface to depth. 
  • Panoramic Imaging - This is a real-time extended field-of-view composite imaging, acquired in fundamental or SonoCT mode
  • New aBiometry AssistA.I. – utilizes anatomical intelligence of fetal anatomy to automatically preplace measurement cursors on selected structures. Allows selection of auto-measure function for BPD, HC, AC, and FL fetal structures.
  • Contrast Imaging - Contrast-enhanced ultrasound studies involve intravenous injection of ultrasound contrast agents and evaluating the uptake and release of the dye in the region of interest, in real-time. Time-intensity graphs are used for quantification of the wash-in and wash-out of the dyes from the ROIs
  • STIC - Automated volume acquisition of the fetal cardiac cycle, with demonstration of the basic fetal cardiac views including 4CH Heart, RVOT, and LVOT
  • TrueVue with TouchVue user interface – delivers amazing lifelike 3D ultrasound images and gives the ability to move the light source anywhere in the 3D volume. TouchVue utilizes the touch panel to allow fingertip control of both volume rotation and internal light source position directly on the TrueVue 3D image.
  • Reveal A.I – is an AIUS (Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound) feature that automatically sculpts away the soft tissues that lie in front of the fetal face, revealing much better facial features.
  • 2DTilt imaging - provides lateral steering of the 2D image plane to the right or left, allowing scanning access to anatomical structures that are off-axis without having to manually angle the transducer.

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