GE 5S RS Cardiac Phased Array Probe [Refurbished]

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The GE 5S model is a phased array probe. This transducer comes with a smaller footprint and low frequency, allowing medical practitioners to scan smaller spaces. It produces the scan results with a narrow beam at the top that widens at the end, covering a wider area of scanning. The phased array transducer can help the medical practitioner diagnose under rib cage structures and organs. This transducer can be helpful in cardiac imaging, lung diagnosis, pleura, between ribs, and scanning other small spaces. Furthermore, it can also be helpful in abdominal scanning, urological examination, and obstetrics.

  • Brand: GE
  • Category: Ultrasound Probe
  • Model: 5S-RS
  • Type: Linear Ultrasound Probe
  • Array Type: Phased Array
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Cardiology, Family Medicine
  • Bandwidth: 2 – 5 MHz
  • Applications: Pediatric Cardiac
  • Imaging Modes: 2D, Harmonics, M-Mode, Color Doppler, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, Contrast Imaging, TVI, Tissue Tracking, TSI
  • Footprint: 18 x 24 mm
  • Compatibility: Vivid i n, Vivid i, Vivid q, Vivid S5

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