Philips Avalon FM50 with 2 Transducers [Refurbished]

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The Avalon FM series fetal and maternal monitors are the first and only to offer automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse. This innovative feature allows automated maternal pulse detection via the Toco MP transducer without the need to monitor maternal SpO2 or ECG separately. 


  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: FM50
  • Category: Patient Monitors
  • Includes: two transducers
  • Thermal Printer: In-built
  • LCD Display: 6.5''
  • Supply Voltage: 50 Hz
  • Supply Frequency: 220V/240V
  • Fetal Movement: Automatic
  • Waterproof Probe: Yes
  • Battery Back-Up: 4 hours


  • Automated coincidence detection with Smart Pulse.
  • Optional external touch display, allowing flexible, ergonomic installations.
  • Only the Avalon FM series can monitor triplets on a single monitor using the same Ultrasound frequency.
  • Extensive fetal parameters when key information is needed.
  • IntelliSpace Perinatal connectivity for continuous care.
  • Large, intuitive color display clearly shows status.
  • Triplet monitoring option expands capabilities.

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