Gambro Water Reverse Osmosis 300 H [Refurbished]

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Gambro has designed a range of water purification units for use by dialysis patients. These powerful single-patient units enable efficient water purification so that patients can have pure water to hand whether they are receiving dialysis treatment at home or in a clinic. The WRO 300 H units are simple, yet powerful devices that provide a clean water supply which is essential for dialysis patients’ well-being. With purified water at their fingertips, there will be no added risk of water contamination to their health.

Specifications of Gambro WRO 300H:


  • Brand: Gambro
  • Model: WRO 300H
  • Category: General Equipment
  • Depth Max: 20.5 inches (520mm) Footprint – 15.0 inches (380mm)
  • Width Max:8.1 inches (205mm) Footprint – 7.3 inches (185mm)
  • Height Max: 22.2 inches (563mm)
  • Weight: 72.75 lbs (33kg)

Feed Water Supply

  • Input 0.8 gpm (3.0 l/min) required
  • Pressure: 20 to 45 psi (0.15 to 0.3 mPa)
  • Temperature: 41 to 86°F (5 to 30°C)

Drain Requirements

  • Operation: 0.32 ± 0.03 gpm (1.2 ± 0.1 l/min)
  • Peak Flow: (Rinse) 0.8 gpm (3.0 l/min)

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • Material Polyamide, thin film composite
  • Configuration Spiral wound
  • pH-Tolerance 2–11

Disinfection & Cleaning

  • Heat Disinfection: User-initiated or automatic start of heat disinfection.
  • Chemical Disinfection: Automatic dilution of disinfectant. Rinse memory forcing the rinse program to start after chemical disinfection.
  • Cleaning: Customized programs for different customer needs.

Power Supply

  • Main Voltage: 100, 115 or 220-240 V +/-10%, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Main Socket: 100V: max 1500 W, 115V: max 1380 W, 220-240V: max 1850W


  • Portable, compact, and easy to operate with a very low noise level
  • Additional automated procedures and internal diagnostics minimize home patient and caregiver involvement
  • Programmable automated flushing and continuous product water loop eliminate stagnation and ensure system cleanliness
  • Continuous product water loop minimizes water volume requirements for purified water production
  • Automated processes ensure consistency with disinfection procedures
  • End-to-end disinfection with qualified dialysis machines


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