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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Alaris PC Module - Model 8100 [Refurbished]
Biegler Model BW 585 [Refurbished]Biegler Model BW 585 [Refurbished]
Modsel Electric Stretcher (Refurbished)
Stryker 1079 Eye Surgery Stretcher (Refurbished)
Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher (Refurbished)
Zeiss Universal S3 [Refurbished]Zeiss Universal S3 [Refurbished]
Zeiss Universal S3 [Refurbished]
Sale price$11,232.00
Shimadzu Mobile Art Eco [Refurbished]
Datex Ohmeda Sevoflurane TEC 7 Vaporizer [Refurbished]
Covidien Genius 2 [Refurbished]
Pentax EPK i7010 Endoscopy System [Refurbished]Pentax EPK i7010 Endoscopy System [Refurbished]
Nikon Microscope [Refurbished] [For Parts Only]Nikon Microscope [Refurbished] [For Parts Only]
Toshiba 6C1 Transducer [Refurbished]Toshiba 6C1 Transducer [Refurbished]
Datex Ohmeda TEC 6 Desflurane [Refurbished]
GE Giraffe Incubator [Refurbished]GE Giraffe Incubator [Refurbished]
Drager Evita XL [Refurbished]Drager Evita XL [Refurbished]
Drager Evita XL [Refurbished]
Sale price$5,389.00

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