Olympus Colonoscope CF-H180AL [Refurbished]

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The Olympus CF-H180AL colonovideoscope is HDTV-compatible, delivering the highest possible resolution and image quality. It comes equipped with an impressive suite of advanced functions, including Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) to enhance the visualization of mucosal tissue and capillary structures. Olympus CF-H180AL Colonoscope, no buckles or damage on insertion tube, excellent image, light transmission, and tip deflection. Fully tested. Just removed from clinical use due to an upgrade.


  • Brand: Olympus
  • Model: CF-H180AL
  • Category: Endoscopy Equipment
  • View Angle: 
  • Endoscope Length: 1600mm
  • Endoscope Diameter: 12.8mm
  • Flexibility: Flexible
  • Endoscope Type: Colonoscope
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Gastroenterology, Veterinary Medicine


  • Enhance visualization - Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI) combined with HDTV and Close Focus enhances observation of the mucosa. The extra-wide 170° field of view enables comprehensive observation of the colon and may facilitate a reduction in miss rates, shorter examination times, and enhanced procedural efficiency. 
  • Easy mucosal cleaning for better observation - An auxiliary water function can be combined with a dedicated flushing pump to enable the removal of mucus and clots in the colon at the touch of a switch on the scope or the footswitch unit.
  • Improved handling - The CF-H180AL/I features innoflex™ Variable Stiffness technology, enabling adjustment of the insertion tube flexibility to match the conditions and contours of the colon.

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