Karl Storz 26009BA Hopkins IT Autoclavable Arthroscope [Refurbished]

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The HOPKINS telescope from KARL STORZ delivers excellent image quality with optimal brightness, contrast and detail features thanks to its unique rod lens system. The arthroscope portfolio includes telescopes with various diameters ranging from 1 mm to 4 mm. A selection of sheaths with various locking mechanisms, which are coordinated with HOPKINS® telescopes, ensures the safe locking of the telescope in the sheath.

  • Brand: Karl Storz
  • Category: Endoscopy Equipment
  • Type of Scope: Arthroscope
  • Part Number: 26009BA
  • Diameter: 4.0 mm
  • Angle of view: enlarged view, wide angle
  • Direction of view: 30° – forward-oblique telescope
  • Working Length: 180 mm
  • Sterilization: Autoclavable, STERRAD Steris, ETO, Cidex
  • Camera Connection: Eyepiece
  • Locking Mechanism: T-Latch
  • Light Post Direction: Reverse Cant
  • Procedure: Large Joint Arthroscopy - Hip, Knee, Shoulder
  • Compatible Hardware: 28147C, 28147CO

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