Datex-Ohmeda ADU S5 Carestation [Refurbished]

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The Datex Ohmeda S5 ADU Carestation is an innovative anesthesia delivery approach that utilizes electronic control for gas delivery and vaporization. This enables the full benefit of the automatic data capture of care information management and minimizes manual documentation. Data integration allows you to configure the data on full-colour screens – anesthesia delivery settings on one display and patient-monitored values on the other. An additional display is available for integrated anesthesia records. The ADU Carestation can be linked, through the Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia Monitor, to a network of other carestations and allows interface with the hospital-wide information systems.



  • Standard flow knobs help provide familiar fresh gas delivery.
  • The visual, multi-breath, rising bellows help provide confirmation-of-breathing circuit integrity – a key safety feature.
  • Ease of use is based on the straightforward user interface and centralized, logical data display.

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