The Top Needle Holders You Should Know About

Needle holders are an essential component of every surgical tool kit. Also known as needle drivers or forceps, they look like surgical scissors and assist the surgeon in holding the suture needles in place during a surgical procedure. A medical supply store in Australia can offer various needle holders, which should be chosen wisely. This post will show the different types of needle holders on offer and their specific purposes.

Needle holders reduce the chances of slippage as the surgeon can firmly grasp the needles during surgery. They are designed to reach areas that are difficult to access during surgeries. The main features of needle holders are the jaws, shanks, joints, finger ring handles, and ratchet lock mechanism. The jaws lie at the end of the fulcrum and can be narrow or thick with a straight or curved shape. The jaws can also be smooth or serrated, depending on the use. A medical supply store in Australia always provides needle holders with tungsten carbide inserts that offer more precision and control during surgery.

Olsen-Hegar Needle Holders

They come with an integrated pair of scissors and are famous for all procedures since they save time during suturing. They have tungsten carbide inlays at the tip, giving the instrument more strength and ensuring durability. The gold handle indicates these inlays.

Ryder Needle Holder With Tungsten Carbide

These are mainly used to hold little suture needles. They have sensitive tulips that have tungsten carbide inlays and a cross-serrated pattern.

Webster Needle Holders

These holders are meant for tiny needles and fine suturing materials primarily used in plastic surgery and subcutaneous operations. Webster needle holders are lightweight devices that give more control and reduce hand fatigue. The needle can be tightly held in its serrated jaws.

Surgical Castroviejo Needle Holder

These are tiny and can be held like a pencil and utilized on both sides. These needle holders are ideal for food microvascular procedures. They come equipped with a spring and latch system, thus allowing for gentle locking and unlocking. These holders are perfect for use in microsurgery. It is a versatile tool that comes in three variations. It is reliable, sturdy, easily sterilized and can be used multiple times after proper sterilization. It also does not require much maintenance.

Derf Needle Holder

They are primarily used in operations in dentistry, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. They have short jaws with fine serrations, ideal for suture sizes 5-0 and 6-0.

Adson Needle Holder

During many surgical procedures, these holders have fenestrated jaws, providing a firm grip over the suture needles. They also come with a clamp lock mechanism that reduces the chances of slippage. They mostly come in a total length of 7 inches. The Adson needle holder features horizontal serrations, handles, joints and jaws.

Cooley Needle Holder

They are used to hold and move the suture needles and driver when suturing the wound. They, too, have tungsten carbide inserts that add longevity. They come with delicate patterns, straight jaws, and smooth shanks.

Final Thoughts

Like other surgical instruments, needle holders must be of the highest quality. With so many manufacturers and suppliers, selecting the best one can be tricky. So look for a reputed supplier that can deliver quality products.

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