Zeiss Jena OPMI 212F [Refurbished]

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Optics and illumination have been the centerpiece of Carl Zeiss surgical microscopes in the past, and the OPMI® Vario is no different. Its apochromatic optical design delivers high image quality, resolution and color fidelity. A rock-steady suspension system is a must for good visualization. The suspension systems for OPMI Vario / S88 were designed to meet this requirement. Once positioned, the surgical microscope stays where needed, allowing clinical staff to focus on the surgical procedure.

  • Brand: Carl Zeiss Jena
  • Model: OPMI 212 F
  • Category: Microscopes
  • Viewer: Binocular
  • Microscope Type: Compound Microscope
  • Microscope Structure: Inverted
  • Magnification Range: Varys
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Dental Laboratory, General Surgery, Dermatology, Neurology, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery
  • Tube: 180° tiltable tube offers ergonomic posture by adjusting the tiltable angle
  • User Interface: Handgrips at the back, individually adaptable at the push of a button by rotating


  • A well-balanced architecture - Functional elements such as the video control console, HD video camera, cables, light sources and light guides are completely integrated into the stand to avoid workspace clutter.
  • Different suspension system options - Find the right solution for your dental practice.

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