Haag Streit Moller Wedel HI-R 900 Ophthalmic Microscope [Refurbished]

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The Hi-R 900 microscope incorporates the new C.RED reflex technology. C.RED gives you the most constant, stable, and bright red reflex while improving visual access to the anterior chamber, even in low light. With the teaching model Hi-R NEO 900A, you can easily position the secondary stereoscopic assistant microscope on either the left or right side.


  • Brand: Haag Streit 
  • Model: HI-R 900
  • Category: Microscope
  • Working distance: 200 mm
  • Eyepiece head: 200° inclinable
  • Magnification: Motorized zoom 1:6, 3.9x to 23.2x
  • Diameter visual field: 9.0mm to 54.2mm 
  • Illumination field: 31.0mm to 59.0mm
  • Binocular: 0-200° inclinable with 10 x eyepiece
  • Objective lens: F=200mm or f=175 mm
  • Inclination: -70°  to + 90°
  • X-Y coupling: 60mm x 60mm


  • Maximum depth perception is provided by a 25mm stereo base.
  • Bright and safe light is delivered with clear zoom illumination with filters
  • Even during operation, a sterile knob allows switching in diaphragms and filters
  • Adjustable red reflex
  • Halogen or LED lighting systems
  • Double iris diaphragm
  • Full tilt range for iStent procedures
  • Wireless foot switch
  • Highly configurable
  • Integration with ORA, Holos, and other third-party systems
  • 0° stereoscopic assistant option is ideal for education and training
  • Integrated settings display
  • Motorized focus and zoom
  • Fine and coarse inclination adjustments
  • Optional: EIBOS 2 for posterior segment surgeries

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