[Expired] Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Paragon T2 Coblation

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The Paragon T2 Coblation Wand is designed for optimal articular cartilage debridement. The circular tip design permits the passive removal of bubbles by taking advantage of a natural decrease in relative pressure, while COBLATION technology helps preserve the residual articular cartilage by molecular dissociation (not heat)


  • Brand: Smith & Nephew
  • Model: Paragon T2 Coblation
  • Category: Clearance Sale
  • Intended Use: Articular cartilage debridement
  • Shaft: 3.0 mm
  • Tip: 2.3 mm
  • Angle: 15°
  • Electrode: Recessed Circular tungsten
  • Recommended Controller settings: 6-8

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