FibroScan Touch 502 [Refurbished]

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The essential for liver stiffness measurement, FibroScan 502 Touch is an intuitive and easy-to-use device based on robust technology. 


  • Brand: Fibroscan
  • Model: 502 Touch
  • Type: Ultrasound
  • Includes: 2 probes
  • Feature: Innovation in liver disease management
  • Sharing innovative technology: Use the first-in-class Elastography
  • Stiffness (E): Stiffness is computed from the elastogram

Based on patented Vibration-Controlled Elastography (VCTE™), FibroScan 502 Touch provides multiple controls for reliable, accurate and reproducible assessment of liver tissue stiffness: Controlled Vibration, Controlled Energy, and Controlled Algorithm.

Controlled Vibration :

  • A custom-designed ergonomic transducer generates a controlled vibration that induces a mechanical shear wave with consistent frequency and energy.
  • Static force is monitored in real-time to prevent wave distortions.
  • The shear wave centre frequency is 50 Hz.

 Controlled Energy :

  • Propagation of the mechanical shear wave through the skin and liver tissues is measured using low-energy 3.5 MHz ultrasound.
  • Large explored volume 3 cm3 (at least 100 times more than biopsy).
  • Measurement depths from 15 to 75 mm depending on the probe.

Controlled Algorithm :

  • VCTE guidance process ensures the operator obtains measurements of the liver.
  • A sophisticated algorithm computes liver stiffness and ultrasound attenuation.
  • A quality-controlled calculation is performed automatically; the algorithm selects valid measurements.


  • FibroScan procedures are easy to put into routine practice for all chronic liver diseases.
  • More than 369 peer-reviewed original articles have demonstrated the usefulness of liver stiffness measurement with the FibroScan®.
  • As a stand-alone tool or adjunct to liver biopsy, FibroScan® allows accurate decisions as part of your patient management strategy.
  • From mass screening to follow-up of post-transplanted patients and prognostic value, liver stiffness measured by FibroScan has a wide range of use.


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