MicroAire Air Motors with Drills and Saws 2000 Series [Refurbished]

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Small Bone Set, 2000 Series, Includes Air Motor Module, MicroAire Drill 2100 30000 rpm, MicroAire A.O. Twist Drill Attachment, Microaire Reciprocating Saw, MicroAire Oscillating Saw, Jacobs Drill with Key, Zimmer-Style Sagittal Saw

  • Brand: MicroAire
  • Model: System CD 3
  • Category: Surgical Equipment
  • Instrument: Air operated Saw and Drill
  • MPN: 2000
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Orthopaedics
  • Includes: 2 x Motors 2000 series, 1 x Handpiece 1140-2000, 1 x Wire Driver 2600, 1 x Recip Saw 2400, 1 x Oscillating Saw 2710, 1 x Sagittal Saw 2200, 1 x Drill 2100, 1 x Drill 2130

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